The Top 7 Most Viewed K-Pop Group Performances On Dingo Music’s “Killing Voice”

Here, artists sing a medley of their top songs.

“Killing Voice” is a popular series on YouTube channel Dingo Music. Famous artists in the Korean entertainment industry perform snippets of their hit songs in an average of twenty minutes.

Many of the top viewed videos are from soloists like IU (57 million views) and Taeyeon (35 million views), senior vocal groups like Big Mama (14 million views), and indie groups like MeloMance (5.7 million views).

Among K-Pop groups, the following have the most viewed “Killing Voice” appearances.

Check them out below!

7. WINNER – 6.3 Million

First up, WINNER is one of the only boy groups who broke the five million mark on Dingo Music. They appeared on the show to promote their 2022 track “I LOVE YOU.”

6. BTOB – 7 Million

BTOB is another well-known senior group and this was proven with their seven million views on “Killing Voice.” When it comes to vocal performances, they are always mentioned.

5. (G)I-DLE – 10 Million

CUBE Entertainment girl group (G)I-DLE gained an astounding 10 million views on Dingo Music‘s channel in just one month. Their popularity increased with the release of their latest title track “Queencard.”

4. KARA – 12 Million

KARA is one of the representative girl groups of the second generation. They reunited for their 15th anniversary album Move Again in November 2022. They garnered 12 million views on “Killing Voice,” showing the excitement of long-time fans.

3. NCT 127 – 16 Million

NCT 127 is a top boy group with a strong fandom. They can proudly claim to have one of the highest viewed videos on Dingo Music at 16 million.

2. SEVENTEEN – 36 Million

SEVENTEEN is the K-Pop boy group with the most views on “Killing Voice.” With their incredible live vocal and rap abilities, it’s not surprising that they wracked up a whopping 36 million views.

1. MAMAMOO – 44 Million

Finally, the group with the most views on Dingo Music‘s “Killing Voice” is none other than MAMAMOO. The four-member girl group has always been known to be one of the best vocal artists around.

Source: Dingo Music