These 6 Famous K-Drama Writers Had Surprising Jobs Before They Switched To Writing

The writer of “Goblin” used to be a what?

Ever wondered what your favorite K-Drama writers did before their shoot to fame? Here are the surprising occupations that these 6 K-Drama writers had before making the shift into writing.

1. Jung Eun Hee

Jung Eun Hee wrote Signal and Sign. Very surprisingly, she used to be a backup dancer for singer Kim Wan Sun.

2. Im Sung Han

She wrote the 2013 smash hit, Princess Aurora. She used to work as a teacher at an academy for computers.

3. Baek Mi Kyung

She wrote Strong Woman, Do Bong Soon. She previously worked as an english teacher.

4. Lee Soo Yeon

Lee worked on Secret Forest after she quit being an office worker.

5. Lim Sang Chun

One of Lim’s famous works is Fight For My Way, but before that, Lim worked as a regular office worker.

6. Kim Eun Sook

The most famous of the bunch, having crafted hits like Goblin and The Descendants of the Sun, Kim used to be a book keeper at a company.

Writing for dramas is not the most well-paying job until you hit it big. It is no surprise that writers often worked other jobs while pursuing their dreams!

Source: theqoo