Dreamcatcher Re-Imagined As Japanese Urban Legends… Seriously!

No pictures of the ghosties because we don’t want to give you all nightmares.

Dreamcatcher excels at their dark, nightmare concept and they love Japan, so it just made sense to re-imagine them as Japanese urban legends!

1. Hanako of the Toilet

Arguably one of Japan’s most well-known urban legends, Hanako-san (also known as Hanako of the toilet) is the story of the spirit of a young girl who haunts school bathrooms.

Gahyeon comes off as being very cheerful and youthful. If someone was going to haunt our bathrooms, we hope it’d be someone like Gahyeon!

2. Slit-Mouthed Woman

The Slit-Mouthed Woman is a malevolent spirit who covers her face with a medical mask and carries a sharp object, such as scissors. The legend goes that she was a real person who was mutilated, with her mouth split from ear-to-ear.

JiU once said that if she wasn’t an idol, she’d be a police officer. In the case of the slit-mouthed woman, she’s someone who was wronged and her vengeful spirit is just trying to set things right! Same, but different, right?

3. Teke Teke

Teke Teke is named for the sound she makes when she drags her torso across the ground. It’s said that she fell (or was pushed) on the train tracks and lost the lower half of her body, causing her spirit to return as just a torso.

Handong as Teke Teke because she knows her worth and isn’t afraid to make a little noise to let other’s know her value!

4. Tomino’s Hell Poem

Tomino’s Hell poem is exactly what it sounds like. There exists a poem called Tomino’s Hell, and the story goes, if you read the poem out loud, you will experience terrible tragedy.

Like a poem, Dami is soft and delicate, however, like Tomino’s Hell poem, she could totally take you in a fight.

5. Okiku Doll

At the Mannen-ji Temple in Hokkaido, there is a doll whose hair continues to grow until this day. The origin story is that Okiku (the doll) was named after a young girl who passed away several months after receiving the doll. Because the doll looked so much like the young girl, the family named the doll after her and prayed to it at their household shrine.

With her gorgeous long, black hair Siyeon is the obvious choice to be paired with this particular urban legend.

6. The Red Cape Murderer

The story goes that a handsome man wearing a red cape and a face mask will ask whether you want a red cape or blue cape (in other versions of this story, it’s toilet paper he’s offering you). Neither option is good as if you ask for red, you’ll be murdered and if you ask for blue you’ll suffocate to death!

Yoohyeon is a beautiful woman, and we could totally imagine her walking around wearing a cape. Yoohyeon’s nightmare is being lost in an unknown place, but as the red cape murderer, she’ll always know exactly where she is.

7. The Human-Faced Dog

The human-faced dog is a dog with a human face that appears at night. This urban legend is harmless, but startling, as it’s rumored that they run alongside cars at night, turning around to look at the drivers only to reveal their human faces.

SuA has revealed that she has a fear of restraint, and as a human-faced dog she’s free to run about terrorizing whoever she comes across!

What do you think of our re-imagined urban legends? Do you agree or would you have pictured the ladies of Dreamcatcher as different urban legends?