BLACKPINK’s Lisa Asked Dreamcatcher’s Handong If They Met Before On “Youth With You”

The interaction was very sweet.

As a member of Dreamcatcher, it goes without saying that Handong is incredibly talented.  She’s also very beautiful and a total softie who loves cats.

Despite being a huge star in her own right, Handong has been on Youth With You as a trainee. When standing in front of the trainers, Handong was asked by Ella, who is a member of established Taiwanese girl group S.H.E, about how she performed in over 20 different countries as a member of Dreamcatcher. Handong answered eloquently before Lisa eventually interjected with her own question.

As part of one of K-Pop’s arguably most popular girl groups, BLACKPINK, Lisa was curious if they’d ever run into each other before.

I have something to ask. Have we met before?


Handong replied that they hadn’t met before, before acknowledging that she’d met other members of BLACKPINK previously, just not Lisa.

The whole interaction was very sweet, and it’s worth watching the clip below:

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