How To Dress Like The TWICE J-Line From Their Music Video For “Feel Special”

Feel special and dress up like a member of TWICE’s J-Line this Halloween.

With Halloween just around the corner and TWICE‘s “Feel Special” continually growing in popularity, with the music video surpassing 80 million views (and counting), we decided to take a look at budget-friendly dupes of the girls’ outfits from the video. While they’re not perfect matches, we tried to find items that were affordable while maintaining the overall vibe of the look.

1. Momo

Momo’s outfit has a chic and elegant vibe, which suits her well. Unfortunately, this was one of the harder looks to replicate because the dress has a very specific look.

Her fitted three-quarter-length sleeve dress features black lace over nude-colored material and a small keyhole cutout. While we weren’t able to find an exact dupe of her dress, FASHIONNOVA‘s “Living A Lovely Life Lace Black Mini Dress” in black is fairly similar, although shorter in length, and a real bargain at just $24.99 (USD).

Momo accessorized her dress with a gorgeous chunky statement necklace. We found a similarly styled chunky necklace from Forever21, which is currently on sale for just $12.99 (USD).

While it doesn’t have the eye-catching loop Momo’s necklace has, it maintains the elegant essence at a budget cost.

The total cost for this Momo-inspired look is just $37.98 (USD)—not including shipping.

2. Sana

Sana’s look has a cool city girl vibe, which she pulls off perfectly. While we don’t get a clear look at her dress, it appears to have an iridescent or oil-slick look to it.

Forever21’s “Sequin Mini Dress”, which is currently on sale for $23.92 (USD), mimics that sort of multi-colored effect that Sana’s dress has.

Her dress was paired with thigh-high red boots with zipper accents. These SHOE’N TALE boots, which retail for $105 are pretty similar to what TWICE’s pink-haired princess was wearing.

Like the sequined dress, this “Faux Leather Moto Jacket” is from Forever21 and costs $39.90 (USD). They even styled the model to wear a sequinned dress under her jacket!

The total cost for this Sana-inspired ‘fit is $168.82 (USD), not inclusive of shipping.

3. Mina

Mina’s elaborate ballgown is very reminiscent of a wedding dress, which is why we thought this Amanti “Strapless Ball Gown Wedding Dress” from YesStyle was a good dupe.

Although it’s a little different, with a sweetheart neckline and beadwork in different places, it maintains that princessy, ethereal vibe that Mina’s dress has. This is the most expensive item on this list at $250.90 (USD).

Although there’s no doubt JYP Entertainment invested in the finest jewelry for Mina’s look, we found a few statement pieces that are affordably priced.

Though her teardrop earrings are far more elaborate, these “Teardrop Curb Chain Drop Earrings” from Forever21 and just $3.99 and even have pretty, eye-catching dangling pieces, just like Mina’s!

This pink Glamiz “Flower Statement Necklace” from YesStyle is available to buy for the low cost of just $4.99 (USD) and is the final touch for a Mina-inspired look.

Because the dress was in a little higher price point, the total for this “Feel Special” Mina dupe outfit comes out to $259.99 (USD), again, not including tax.

What did you think of our “Feel Special” J-Line-inspired outfits? Would you dress up as a TWICE member for Halloween (or any day of the year)?