TWICE’s “Feel Special” Surpassed 80 Million Views On YouTube, Here’s Why It’s Their Most Impressive View Milestone Yet

This accomplishment must have TWICE feeling special.

It was just last week that TWICE‘s music video for “Feel Special” surpassed 50 million views, an important milestone for the group as it was their second-fastest music video to hit the milestone in an impressive three days and 10 hours!

ONCEs have helped the girls hit an even more important milestone: “Feel Special” has officially surpassed 80 million views on YouTube, and it is their fastest ever music video to achieve this, at 11 days and 16 hours.

Although the accomplishment is incredible, it’s not completely unexpected as the song is an upbeat, feel-good track about feeling uplifted and that appears to really resonate with listeners. Additionally, the music video has a stunning aesthetic with lots of sparkles and shine, while the girls are impeccably styled from head-to-toe. Fans have shown a special appreciation for Tzuyu‘s goddess-like visuals and styling…

… And this sweet moment between Chaeyoung and Mina, whom they have been worried about amidst her absence from group promotions due to her health.

We’re certain TWICE feel special knowing their ONCEs love them so much they keep helping them move the goal post further and further back as they continue to go from strength-to-strength with each musical accomplishment tucked under their belt.