8 Things You Might Not Know About BTS’s “Dynamite” MV

Here are new facts and stories shared by BTS.

BTS‘s music videos for “Dynamite” are making viewers slam the replay button, but what you see is in the MVs only half of the story. Recently, the members shared new tidbits and facts about the behind the scenes process. Here are 8 of them.

1. What’s real and what’s not

In BTS’s music videos, it can be hard to differentiate CGI from practical effects. For instance, the exploding cars in the “MIC Drop” MV, and the fire in “Fake Love” were both very real.

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube.com

“Dynamite” MV, on the other hand, has lots of CGI. The cars driving around BTS’s retro Los Angeles aren’t real, but they are modeled off of real cars that were popular during the disco era.

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube.com 

The cityscape behind RM is a backdrop…

…but Dynamite Burgers and other interior spaces were built for the MV. Unfortunately, Dynamite Burgers, Sweet Music, and Jungkook’s ’90s bedroom don’t exist in the real world (yet?) so fans won’t be able to visit in person.

2. The freestyle dances

In BTS’s reaction video, the members revealed that they didn’t plan out their freestyle moves prior to filming. They worked together and figured it out along the way!

3. Explosions of color

According to Jungkook, this CGI rainbow was going to be done with real pyrotechnics, but the staff switched from practical to digital to make it happen.

4. Alternate endings

This is the official ending to the MV, but it’s far from being the only one.

Multiple alternate endings exist in the staff’s vault of unreleased BTS content, but who knows? Maybe the footage will go public…someday.

5. The story behind Jungkook’s solo shoot

Jungkook revealed that he had a hard time shooting without his members. He found himself freezing up, and he wasn’t feeling his best.

Even though Jungkook was the first member to arrive for filming, he ended up being the last one to leave. His shoot didn’t resume until the end of the day.

6. It’s not thrift store; it’s couture

At first, Suga and J-Hope assumed that BTS’s retro outfits were thrift store finds…

…but these old styles are actually brand new looks from GUCCI.

7. Mishaps on set

Jungkook accidentally broke part of the lighting equipment at the discotheque set by sitting on it. The staff advised him not to sit, but he did anyway. Oops!

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube.com

8. Jimin’s piggyback ride

Like many things in the MV, this cute moment wasn’t planned. The piggyback came naturally to Jimin because it’s something he does anyway!

Watch BTS’s reaction to the “Dynamite” MV to learn even more about their shoot.