Here Is An Easy-To-Follow Recipe For BTS V’s Recommendation “Gan Jang Gyeran Bob”

Feel free to try this at home, but beware it is quite addicting.

On February 6, 2020 in the blissful land of Weverse, BTS‘s V dropped a comment on a Paraguayan ARMY’s post asking for his suggestion on a new kind of Korean food to try.

The ARMY noted, “Taehyung-oppa, I’m not a Korean ARMY. But is there a Korean menu that you would like to me to try?” And sparking all international ARMYs’ curiosity, V answered, “Gan Jang Gyeran Bob” with “Cham Gi Rum, Many Many“.

And that, dear friends, would be this super easy-to-make but savory-AF “egg rice with soy sauce” dish with “a lot of sesame oil”!

It is considered one of the many simple go-to menus for Koreans who don’t have a lot of ingredients in the fridge but still want something hearty and filling. For the beginner’s version, the “recipe” is rather simple: Mix butter, hot rice, fried eggs, and soy sauce —  then smash. But in case you want to step it up a notch, here’s a fancied-up recipe for one serving of gan jang gyeran bob:

1. Prep The Ingredients

You need a bowl of hot cooked rice, two to three eggs, two spoons of cooking oil, one spoon of soy sauce, one spoon of sesame oil, and a pinch of sesame seeds. The sesame oil and seeds can be excluded if not in handy.

2. Scramble The Eggs

Beat the eggs to be scrambled.

3. Cook

Add some cooking oil to a heated pan and scramble the beaten eggs. Try to keep the eggs chunks on the smaller side! When the eggs are ready, you can turn the stove off.

4. Add The Rice

Add a bowl of hot rice to the scrambled eggs. While it is best to do this with hot rice, it can also be done with leftover rice. If the rice you’re using isn’t freshly cooked and heated, you can keep the stove on so it gets warmed up in the process.

5. Sauce It Up

Add the spoon of soy sauce and sesame oil to the pan. Depending on your preference, you may add more or less of both. V said “a lot of sesame oil” because he likely prefers his gan jang gyeran bob to be on the nuttier, more savory side. But if you prefer a lighter taste, one spoon of each is actually enough.

If you really want something hearty, add butter.

6. Mix

Mix everything together…

7. Garnish & Indulge

… then throw in a bowl and you’re ready! Garnish with whatever you’d like: Chopped green onions, seasoned seaweed slices, black sesame seeds, or even an additional fried egg. And indulge. If you can handle your spicy, try with kimchi and/or hot sauce on the side!

Hungry yet? We’ll see you in the kitchen.

Source: 10000 Recipe and THEQOO