Here Are Eight Times “Fans” Did or Said Something Offensive To Their Idols

These “fans” crossed the line.

K-Pop is unique in the sense that fans can feel connected with their idols. With things like live streams and fansigns, idols can even feel like friends. Just because this is the case, however, does not give anyone a right to hurt the other person.

Here are 8 cases in which fans were extremely rude to their idols.

1. Red Velvet’s Yeri

During a broadcast, a so-called fan commented,

Yeri, stop acting out before I stick a knife in your p***y.

When Yeri read the comment, her face instantly changed and fans noticed how she was trying to hold back her tears. This was back in 2015, when the girls were promoting their first full album, “The Red”.

2. Taeyeon

During an Instagram live, a fan told Taeyeon not to sing because it makes her nostrils flare. Taeyeon proceeds to glare at the camera before pinching her nose and singing Oh!GG‘s song “Lil’ Touch”. She then asks,

Would you like it if I sang like this?!

She took it like a good sport and asked fans to love her nostrils, and even proceeds to make a fan club for her nostrils!

3. WINNER’s Mino

During a fan sign, a fan told Mino to start using whitening cream. When he asked what they meant, the fan told him that his skin is too dark. Mino took it like a good sport, laughing despite the rude comment.

4. GOT7’s Youngjae

A fan commented asking Youngjae to lose weight while he was eating a cheeseburger. He looks shocked and is silent for a moment before telling the fan,

Well, I’m on a diet and it’s none of your business. It’s not your business.

5. TWICE’s Jihyo

When asked which sports would suit which member, a fan screamed “weightlifting” for Jihyo as a jab at her weight. Jihyo is visibly hurt by the comment and tries to smile and joke around to seem fine, but ONCEs were quick to notice that it hurt her feelings.

6. gugudan

During a broadcast, fans were commenting for member Sejeong to go solo. Members Nayoung and Mina saw the comment and were visibly upset by it. Many commented on Nayoung turned her nose when she read the comment and pointed out how Mina’s face had dropped.

7. TWICE’s Tzuyu

During a fan meeting, Jihyo held the microphone to Tzuyu‘s mouth. Before she was able to speak, a fan can be heard telling Tzuyu to “shut her mouth”. Tzuyu immediately backs down and chooses not to speak, instead offering the microphone to another member.

8. BTS’s J-Hope

In 2017, BTS was in Tokyo for their Wings tour. J-Hope held his own solo broadcast, but some fans were asking him about the maknae line of the group. J-Hope can be seen annoyed by the comments and in the end, gives the phone to Jimin to finish the stream.

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