Here Are 10+ Group Ending Fairy Moments That Make Us Wish They Would Come Back

#5 is iconic!

The “ending fairy” trend of K-Pop in recent years refers to the final shot of a group’s performance that focuses on one member. While many people love this trend, others miss the iconic group poses at the end of a performance that were shown through a group shot of all the members together.

Check out some of the group ending fairy moments we miss the most below!

1. BLACKPINK’s fierce pose

2. BTS taking their throne

3. TWICE showing off their cuteness

4. The visual explosion of Red Velvet

5. EXO’s serious gazes and heavy breathing

6. SEVENTEEN being the masters of aegyo

7. This chaotic moment from TWICE

8. f(x) being legends

9. BLACKPINK spelling out “Love”

10. This iconic choreography from GFRIEND

11. EXO looking like visual kings

12. The TWICE members becoming flowers

13. Super Junior’s wholesome moment

14. Red Velvet’s cute ending pose

15. NCT Dream showing off their cute charms

16. This flawless group shot of TWICE

Source: theqoo