Here’s A Look At ENHYPEN’s Line Distribution For Their Debut Album “Border: Day One”

How much time did your bias get?

From CJ E&M and Big Hit Entertainment‘s survival reality show I-LAND, the rookie group ENHYPEN was born. Their highly-anticipated debut album Border: Day One contains 4 songs, excluding the intro and outro track. Here’s an in-depth look at every member’s contribution to each song.

| @ENHYPEN/Twitter

1. Given-Taken

Their debut single “Given-Taken” has the most varied line distribution with Heeseung‘s lines lasting for over a minute and Ni-ki‘s part lasting for 13.1 seconds.

| Data Source: SSKD • Kpop/YouTube

2. Let Me In (20 Cube)

“Let Me In (20 Cube)” has a relatively even spread with only a difference of a little over 20 seconds between the members with the most and least amount of time.

| Data Source: SSKD • Kpop/YouTube

3. 10 Months

Heeseung and Jake have the most notable amount of lines in “10 Months,” occupying almost a minute between their two parts.

| Data Source: SSKD • Kpop/YouTube

4. Flicker

“Flicker” also showed varying amounts of time per member but was not particularly dominated by one person’s lines.

| Data Source: SSKD • Kpop/YouTube

5. Border: Day One — Total per member

With only four songs to analyze, the line distribution for Border: Day One may not be a completely accurate representation of ENHYPEN’s future music.

| Data Source: SSKD • Kpop/YouTube

Congratulations once again to these monster rookies’ successful debut!