10 Extremely Relatable Reactions To ENHYPEN’s Stunning Comeback Looks

#7 is a mood.

ENHYPEN recently released concept photos for their first LP Dimension : Dilemma and ENGENEs are freaking out at each member’s new look! Check out 10 of the most relatable fan reactions below.

| @BELIFTLAB/Twitter

1. Ni-ki’s brand new hair is a work of art.

Catch him in your local art museum!

2. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the most powerful leader!

He radiates charisma in his emerald top.

3. Sunwoo with pink hair? Not a want but a need.

All of the fan edits have come to life!

4. Jake’s forehead is out and no one is safe.

The time has come at last.

5. If you’re not crying over Heeseung, what are you doing?

Everything about him is *chef’s kiss.*

6. They understood the assignment.

This duo is unbeatable.

7. Prince Sunghoon has arrived.

Yes, we all believe in Park Sunghoon supremacy!

8. Jay can go from this to this.

Don’t blink or you’ll miss it!

9. Heeseung gives “first love” vibes.

The crush that appears in all your dreams!

10. Ni-ki is busy making ENGENEs swerve to his bias lane.

This is how he trended worldwide!