12 Chaotic Reactions From ENHYPEN About The New HYBE Building That Seem Like Fake Subs But Aren’t

#5 is a mood. 😂

Recently, ENHYPEN toured the brand new HYBE building for the first time and shared their first impressions with fans. Check out their most hilarious reactions to the gorgeous building below!

1. “It’s a literal department store.”

These aren’t just floors. They’re department store elevator floors.

2. “This just gave me goosebumps.”

To you, it’s just a room with a mirror, but to Heeseung, it’s everything.

3. “This looks like a (insert every sport) court.”


4. “It’s really slippery here.”

If you need Ni-ki, he’ll be sliding down the halls.

5. “This place is better than our house. Isn’t there a shower here?”

Sunghoon has officially moved in with no plans of leaving any time soon.

6. “It still smells new.”

You’ve heard of “new car smell,” but how about Sunoo‘s “new building smell?”

7. “What a legend.”

The lights changed. That’s all that happened.

8. “Your proportions look better.”

Bigger and better mirror = Bigger and better body proportions, right?

9. “It really does look like a hotel.”

Finding your room might prove to be a challenge at hotel HYBE.

10. “What if our faces are covered?”

When your facial recognition software doesn’t work. #FirstWorldProblems

11. “We can die here.”

Seriously, someone will have to drag Sunghoon out.

12. “If there was [cameras in the mirror], that would give me chills.”

Jake is ready for anything.

Follow along as the members tour the brand new building below!