Here Are 6 Of ENHYPEN’s Top Fashion Tips For Creating Your Own Style

Jay always keeps #2 in mind!

In a recent interview with J-14, the members of ENHYPEN revealed some fashion advice to help fans develop their own sense of style. Check out their top 6 most important tips below!

1. Portraying yourself to others

According to ENHYPEN’s fashion king Jay, you can begin developing your own sense of style by asking yourself how you want others to see you.

2. Creating a first impression

The clothes you wear will be someone’s first impression of you.

When you go to buy clothes, keep this in mind and it will help you create the type of impression you want — whether it’s cool, cute, edgy, or classic.

3. No wrong choices

Sunghoon revealed there’s no way to mess up when it comes to fashion as long as you like what you’re wearing.

4. Taking risks

Heeseung admitted sometimes his fashion choices are a bit questionable to others…

…but that’s okay since he enjoys looking unique!

Don’t be afraid to take risks by dressing freely like Heeseung.

5. Basic isn’t boring

As Sunghoon stated, there’s also nothing wrong with having a relatively mundane style. Not everyone likes to experiment with fashion and that’s okay, too.

6. Freedom of expression

As Sunoo mentioned, everyone is an individual with their own tastes. Use fashion as a way to express yourself and your personality!

Watch the full interview below!