5 Reasons Why ENHYPEN’s Jay Was Born To Be A Star

He’s a force to be reckoned with.

From underdog to rookie king, ENHYPEN‘s Jay is a force to be reckoned with, and he proves it every time he sings. Here are 5 reasons why he was born to shine on stage.

Jay | HYBE

1. He is dedicated and passionate.

Jay trained under Big Hit Music (then Big Hit Entertainment) for nearly three years before competing on the K-Pop survival show, I-LAND. Many people dream of becoming stars, but few are willing to make the sacrifices needed to make their dreams a reality.

During his trainee days, Jay learned how to sing, rap, and dance, becoming a triple threat before fans even knew his name.

2. He fought for his spot in ENHYPEN.

In the finale of I-LAND, Jay came in second place, but his victory didn’t come easy. On I-LAND there were two groups: I-LANDers and Grounders. Only I-LANDers had the opportunity to debut in ENHYPEN. Grounders risked elimination every episode.

Not only was Jay a Grounder, but he was also once in 11th place, the lowest ranking contestant in danger of being eliminated. In a shocking twist of fate, he rose up from 11th place through hard work, talent, and love from his fans.

3. He puts everything he has into his performances, and it shows.

One of the most memorable Grounder stages was “Dive Into You.” Jay’s powerful vocals and energetic dancing earned praise from fans and the show’s producers.

Every time ENHYPEN performs on stage and in their music videos, Jay packs his talent, feelings, and personal expression into every lyric and dance move.

4. He has a powerful stage presence.

It’s no coincidence that “Jay” rhymes with “slay!” He takes over the stage with charisma in a way that not everyone can. Many people can sing and dance, but enthralling an entire audience? Only a born star can do that.

5. He is a true leader.

Teamwork is an essential part of being in a K-Pop group. Good teamwork leads to harmonious relationships between members and smooth, successful performances on stage.

The “Dive Into You” team

Jay isn’t the leader of ENHYPEN, but he has proven his leadership skills many times. On I-LAND, Jay demonstrated his leadership by taking charge of the “Dive Into You” team, helping his fellow Grounders whenever they needed it. He also pushed them to work harder and be better performers.

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