“I-LAND” Reveals An Elimination, A Plot Twist, And The Top 10 Survivors

One more trainee will be going home, but it might not be who viewers were expecting.

The votes are in and I-LAND’s Top 10 survivors have been chosen. In Episode 10, a second trainee was eliminated from the original Top 12 I-LANDers, based on their ranking from the Global Vote. The final ranking is surprisingly different from the mid-ranking, revealed earlier in the episode.

1. Sunoo

This talented and charming trainee racked up the highest number of fans’ votes, earning him the top spot in the mid-ranking and final ranking.

2. Heesung

Heesung has consistently ranked high throughout the show, and his solid skills continued to earn him support from viewers.

3. Jay

In a shocking twist of fate, Jay rose from 11th place to 3rd place! Fans feared that he would be eliminated based on the mid-ranking, but he is now back at the top.

4. Hanbin

Last week, fans accused Mnet of trying to erase Hanbin from the show by giving him less screentime. Now, thanks to their votes, he is in the Top 5!

5. Sunghoon

Although Sunghoon‘s rank was lower this week, he was still able to score a spot in the top five. Fans look forward to seeing their “Ice Prince” continue on.

6. K

In the previous episode, K struggled to connect with his teammates, but in the end, they were able to overcome their problems and put on an unforgettable show with “Flicker”. Both the producers and viewers were impressed by his performance.

7. Jake

The results of Jake‘s chemistry test helped to secure him 7th place, much to the delight of his loyal fans.

8. Jungwon

Jungwon considers his new ranking a wake-up call, as it’s the first time that he didn’t earn the badge that comes with ranking at the top.

9. Ni-Ki

Like Jay, Ni-ki found himself at the bottom of the Global Vote’s mid-ranking, but he rose up from 10th to take the 9th spot.

10. Daniel

In the end, it was down to Taki and Daniel. Both of these young trainees struggled to make it into the Top 12, but only one of them could claim the 10th spot.

Daniel will continue on with I-LAND, but it’s now time for Ta-ki to move on.

This was especially difficult for Ta-ki, as he previously found himself in 11th place when Geonu was eliminated.

It’s the end of Ta-ki’s time on I-LAND, but it’s not the end of his journey. After a tearful goodbye, he promised to keep pursuing his dream to debut in the future.

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