“I-LAND” Announced The New Ranking, And It’s Stressing Fans Out

A fan favorite is in danger of being eliminated.

With each new episode of Mnet‘s I-LAND, the pressure is building for its trainees and their fans. Which of the 11 remaining I-LANDers will debut in the Top 7?

Between Episodes 9 and 10, another Global Vote took place, rearranging the trainees’ ranks. Those at the bottom were in danger of being eliminated. The mid-ranking from 1 to 11 was: SunooHeesungSunghoonTa-kiJakeJungwonDanielHanbinKNi-ki, and Jay.

Last week, Jay burned with ambition as he and his crew of underdogs faced off again the top ranking trainees for a dance challenge. He was determined to take Heesung’s place as #1, but the Global Vote has sent him to the bottom of the mid-ranking.

This ranking had viewers feeling stressed and frustrating, especially Jay’s fans, who feel that his talent should have earned him a higher rank.

Despite this devastating blow, Jay still powered through, ready to face any challenge that comes his way. He danced his heart out with the I-LANDers’ guest mentors, SEVENTEEN, and got nothing but love from his fellow trainees.

Did Jay make the Top 10? Find out here!

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