“I-LAND” Eliminates A Fan Favorite, Viewers Are Devastated

Viewers are saying farewell to another I-LAND contestant.

I-LAND viewers are attached to all the show’s contestants, but unfortunately, not everyone will make the cut.

By the end of Season 1, 23 trainees became 12, and the eliminated “Grounders” moved on to pursue their dreams elsewhere. Although fans hoped that the Top 12 “I-LANDers” would debut together, those hopes were dashed in Episode 7 when the host announced a new round of eliminations.

The debut group will have a total of 7 members, which means that nearly half of the Top 12 (Ni-kiDanielSunooGeonuTa-kiHanbinHeeseungSunghoonKJungwonJake, and Jay) will be eliminated.

In Episode 8, the Top 12 split into three teams to perform “I NEED U”, “Fake Love”, and “DNA” for the “BTS test“. Team “Fake Love” took the top score out of 400 with 306 points. Team “DNA” scored 287, and Team “I NEED U” scored 275.

As for individual rankings, Heesung ranked first with 93 points and Ta-ki ranked twelfth with 57.


Geonu, whom many fans hoped would debut as the group’s main vocalist, was eliminated.

Fans are sorry to see him go, but they wish him all the best in his singing career.

He has everything it takes to debut in the future!