BTS Showed Up On “I-LAND” And The Trainees Lost Their Minds

BTS made an appearance on Episode 7 of the show.

I-LAND‘s contestants knew BTS would be guesting on the show, but that doesn’t mean they were ready for it!

BTS appeared on Episode 7 to run around I-LAND like they’re filming Run BTS!...

…and to give their fanboys heart attacks. When BTS appeared on screen, walking around the I-LAND dorm, the Top 12 nearly forgot how to breathe!

For one surreal moment, the I-LANDers thought BTS was computer-generated, but no. They were really there!

BTS personally introduced the three songs that I-LANDers would be performing for their next challenge: “I Need U”, “Fake Love”, and “DNA”.

They also highlighted the key vocal and dance points for each one.

From beginning to end, the trainees were in awe of their seniors.

After all, BTS is the reason why many of them chose to become idols!

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