“I-LAND” Announces 6 Survivors, Final Number Of Trainees Who Will Debut

The Global Votes are in. Here are the results.

The votes are in and I-LAND’s final 6 survivors have been chosen!

In Episode 6, I-LAND‘s producers and the I-LANDers themselves voted to choose the first Top 6 survivors in the Top 12 who would continue on to Season 2 of the show. HeeseungSunghoonKJungwonJake, and Jay were chosen.

The six eliminated I-LANDers joined the rest of the Grounders to await the results from the “Global Vote”. It was up to viewers to decide which of the Grounders would take the final six spots and move on to Part 2 of I-LAND in Episode 7. Here are the results!

1. Ni-ki

With over 2 million votes, he was the first Grounder chosen for the remaining six spots, having collected the third-highest number of votes out of the 16 Grounders.

2.  Daniel

Daniel ranked second on the Global Voting poll with 2.5 million votes. He was the second Grounder chosen to continue on.

3. Sunoo

With a staggering 2.6 million votes, fan favorite Sunwoo won viewers’ hearts and the chance to debut in Season 2.

4. Geonu

Coming in in fourth place with 1.9 million votes is Geonu, who promised to keep doing his very best on the show.

5. Ta-ki

If anyone has struggled his way to the top, it’s Ta-ki, and his persistence has paid off. He placed 5th on the Global Voting poll with 1.7 votes.

6. Hanbin

Before announcing the final survivor, Nicholas, Kyungmin, and Hanbin were all called up as candidates for the spot, based on the number of votes they had racked up.

In the end, Hanbin was chosen…

…and, sadly, Kyungmin and Nicholas were not.

After the six survivors were selected, I-LAND‘s host announced that only 7 of the Top 12 will be debuting in a new boy group in 2020.

The rest of the trainees packed up, said their tearful goodbyes…

…and continued their quest to become idols outside of I-LAND.