“I-LAND” Viewers Call Out Mnet, Demanding Fair Treatment For Hanbin

They are speaking up on his behalf.

Many fans of the K-Pop survival show I-LAND aren’t fans of its network Mnet, alleging that Mnet is mistreating of one particular trainee.

Since the show began, several contestants (including Ni-kiHeesung, and K) have been victims of “evil editing“, according to fans. “Evil editing” portrays contestants in a false, unfavorable light.

In addition to these complaints, fans of Hanbin believe that he is slowly being erased from the show.

In Episode 7, the final six contestants in the Top 12 were chosen by fans through a Global Vote. The first six were previously selected by the trainees themselves and by the show’s producers. Hanbin narrowly secured the 12th spot, earning more votes than Kyungmin and Nicholas.

Like the rest of the I-LANDers, Hanbin is fighting for his place in the Top 7 who will debut in a new boy group. Competition is fierce, but some fans believe the odds are especially stacked against Hanbin, stating that he has been “ignored” and used for views.

Hanbin’s fans have grown more frustrated with each episode, but Episode 9 is amplifying their anger and disappointment. This is because the producers’ feedback was shown for several other trainees, but not for Hanbin.

Previously, another fan favorite, Geonu, was the first to be eliminated from I-LAND’s Top 12. Although no contestants were eliminated in Episode 9, Hanbin’s fans fear that a lack of acknowledgment and screentime could possibly contribute to his elimination in the near future.