“I-LAND’s” Ni-ki Could Be A Victim Of “Evil Editing”, According To Viewers

They claim that Mnet is showing him in a bad light.

Fans of Ni-Ki, a trainee on the K-Pop survival show I-LAND, are coming to his defense, following viewer criticism about his attitude and lack of teamwork.

The criticism began back in Episode 1, when Ni-ki voted to send his friend Ta-ki (a fan favorite) to the “Ground”. Only the trainees who advance to I-LAND, a luxurious dorm for the top 12, will be given the chance to debut.


Shortly after Episode 3 premiered on July 10, many viewers expressed their growing dislike for the 14-year-old trainee after watching him put his own ambitions above the team’s, during a group challenge. They felt that Ni-ki was being divisive by stirring up drama rather than promoting teamwork.

These viewers particularly disliked Ni-ki’s apparent lack of consideration and sympathy for Kyungmin, who felt sick during practice.

Ni-ki’s supporters, however, claim that Mnet isn’t showing the whole story, and that Ni-ki is another victim of “evil editing”. “Evil editing” purposely portrays cast members in a negative light to villainize them in the eyes of viewers.

Past victims of Mnet’s “evil editing” include GFRIEND’s SinBNU’EST‘s Baekho, and many more.

Fans are also reminding viewers that Ni-ki is just 14 years old, and that there is a fine line between constructive criticism and bullying. No one, including entertainers and public figures, should be cyberbullied under any circumstances.

I-LAND is only three episodes in, leaving plenty of room for growth. Hopefully, future episodes will stay true to the trainees’ characters, and portray them in a way that is both honest and fair.