“I-LAND” Trainee Ni-ki Criticized By Viewers For Bad Attitude And Poor Teamwork

Viewers did not like what they witnessed in Episode 3.

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A contestant on Mnet‘s new K-Pop survival show I-LAND, is quickly becoming a fan least-favorite.

Ni-ki is a 14-year-old trainee from Japan, whose impressive dance skills and stage presence won him a spot in I-LAND in Episode 1. The 11 trainees who did not pass the entry vote were cast out to the Ground, a practice area where there is no opportunity for debut, while the remaining 12 moved into the luxurious I-LAND dorm.

Ni-ki initially entered I-LAND with Ta-ki, a 14-year-old trainee who also hails from Japan.

Viewers quickly fell in love with their friendship, only to be shocked when Ni-ki voted to send Ta-ki to the Ground.

In Episode 2, Ta-ki remained steadfastly loyal to Ni-ki, forgiving his friend’s “betrayal”. He even cheered Ni-ki on when Ni-ki danced center for the I-LANDers’ performance.

Many viewers have been hoping for Ni-ki to show Ta-ki the same love, but those hopes were dashed in Episode 3. When Ta-ki was chosen to return to I-LAND and Ni-ki was demoted to the Ground, Ni-Ki did not look happy about it, to say the least.

Moreover, he is being criticized by viewers for having a poor, self-serving attitude and lacking teamwork skills, especially when it came to taking care of a sick teammate.

During a challenge that was all about working together, viewers say that Ni-ki focused on himself at the expense of the team.

For any K-Pop group to function, good teamwork and a positive attitude are essential. As such, some viewers are beginning to doubt that Ni-ki will make his debut. Others, meanwhile, believe that “evil editing”  is making him seem unlikeable, contrary to his true personality.

I-LAND is only three episodes in, however, and there’s still much to learn about the trainees. Here’s hoping that viewers will get to see a new side of Ni-Ki, and fall in love with all the trainees, as the show progresses.