ENHYPEN Shine In Unedited Photos From The “37th Golden Disc Awards” Press Conference Showing What They Actually Look Like IRL

They all looked so handsome!

ENHYPEN was one of two groups that attended the 37th Golden Disc Awards Press Conference in advance of the award ceremony.

Both groups looked great, and fans of ENHYPEN were particularly in awe of the members’ unedited visuals! Here are 20+ unedited photos showing what the members actually look like IRL from the event!

1. Heeseung

It looks like Heeseung‘s eyes are actually sparkling.

2. Jay

Jay‘s smile is everything.

3. Jake

Jake looked extra good in this pair of glasses!

4. Sunghoon

Sunghoon‘s mole > everything.

5. Sunoo

Sunoo looked too handsome during the event!

6. Jungwon

That jawline, Jungwon!

7. Ni-Ki

Ni-Ki‘s visuals always shine through during events!


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