Eric Nam Tries “9 Things He’s Never Done Before” And It’s Hilarious

We hope nobody has to do #9 ever again.

Eric Nam participated in the trend of trying “9 Things He’s Never Done Before” with Allure and hilarity ensues.

1. We didn’t think he could get any cuter until he used a speech jammer.

We are impressed with his skincare routine, though!

2. Eric then had to pack himself into a duffle bag.

He gave a valiant effort, and for that, we salute him.


3. Composing a song on a steel drum should be no challenge for him.

I mean, it’s an A for effort.

4. Everyone could use a good Jerry Harris of Cheer pep talk.

YES. 👏 YOU. 👏 ARE. 👏


5. He then had to do a fan’s hair wearing tiny hands, and something tells us he’s never done either.

How to do hair Eric style: First, you get the blood flowing with a massage.

Next, you ask them which color hair tye they want and purposely pick the opposite. Then, you work some magic and…

…Ta-da! Beautiful results.

6. His next task was to stomp grapes (RIP white pants).

Being adorable was not a requirement, but he does it anyway.

Would you like to try our Pinot?

— Eric Nam while stomping grapes

7. Eric now has to draw “a winged eyeliner” on a picture of himself (Okay, this made us go UwU).


It’s perfect, just like you.

8. We love a tidy man who folds his clothes.

This thing is way more difficult than it looks.

He may have cheated—He definitely cheated—but he still gets the folding job done in the end.

9. Now he’s going to drink some bacon soda and guess what it is. Lovely.

I feel like I’m in a frat.

— Eric Nam while wearing a drinking hat

We could have guessed it’s not the most appetizing soda.

I’m Eric Nam and I just tried nine stressful things for Allure, bye.

— Eric Nam, distressed

Eric’s nine new things may not have been the most fun activities, but at least he can say he’s been inside a duffle bag and tasted bacon soda. Watch his full experience below!

Eric Nam