Here Are Some Of The Best Happy Break-Up Songs According To Eric Nam

#2 will definitely have you up and dancing.

In Eric Nam‘s newest episode of K-Pop Daebak, the artist shares some of his favorite happy break-up songs that will lift your mood.


Starting off strong is this iconic solo track (pun intended). As Eric said: “The video is beautiful. I love the choreo, and I think it’s so catchy.

2. Eric Nam (ft. Marc E. Bassy) “Congratulations”

Not all break ups have to be messy, and this groovy party song is perfect to celebrate good separations. Eric shares that “It makes me feel good. That’s all I’ve gotta say.

3. DEAN (ft. Eric Bellinger) “I’m Not Sorry”

You dropped this 👑, king/queen. This song is just a solid feel good song about picking yourself up and becoming a better version of yourself after a break-up.

4. Ailee’s “I Will Show You (보여줄게)”

This oldie but goodie is all about glowing up after a break-up and showing your ex just what exactly they’re missing out on.

5. 2NE1’s “I DON’T CARE”

Repeat after me: “I don’t ca-a-a-a-a-are.” This song is definitely an old throwback (released 11 years ago!) but as Eric said, “2NE1 has no bad songs.

6. Heize’s “Things are going well (일이 너무 잘 돼)”

While this song sounds like a sad song, the lyrics are more about moving on and getting over a break-up. Things will get better, so keep your head up!

Source: K-Pop Daebak With Eric Nam
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