You MUST Know These 7 Steps To Get Poreless K-Pop Idol Skin According To Eric Nam

No wonder his skin is so perfect.

After wearing makeup for 10 years, Eric Nam believes is well-versed in the realm of skincare and preventing breakouts. Luckily for fans, he recently revealed his 7 step skincare routine for flawless skin!

1. Double Cleanse

I’m on camera almost every day, or I’m on stage, so I tend to wear makeup almost every day.

— Eric

Eric stresses the importance of cleansing first with an oil-based cleanser to remove impurities and then using a water-based cleanser to make sure everything is squeaky clean.

This way, every bit of makeup comes off and your skin underneath is also cleansed.

2. Toner

When Eric uses a toner, he doesn’t opt for the cotton pad like others might.

He likes to keep things simple, so patting it into his face helps the skin absorb it better and it’s also a much quicker application.

3. Essence

Eric uses his essence sort of like a pre-moisturizer.

Typically, essences are a part of a Korean skincare routine that helps your other products absorb better and maximize your results by creating an overall better appearance for the skin.

4. Clear Moisturizer

Eric finds moisturizer essential if your skin is prone to dryness like his can be at times.

Oftentimes you’re breaking out because your face is lacking moisture or hydration and it’s your pores reacting to it.

— Eric

Eric says a big part of his skincare journey was trying new products and seeing what works for him, so don’t be afraid to experiment and find what works best for your own skin.

5. Serum

He applies a serum that helps to improve fine lines and leaves his skin with a  youthful glow.

6. Eye Cream

Eric also gave advice not to be too concerned with the products being marketed for men or women and to just use whichever products suit your skin best.

He also admits he uses a lot of anti-aging techniques to prevent damage instead of having to reverse the effects once they happen.

7. Moisturizer

Lastly, Eric ends by putting on his favorite moisturizer. You’ve completed the skincare routine, and it shouldn’t have taken that long if you use his application technique!

Watch his full explanation of the products he used below.