Even Thick Winged Eyeliner Can’t Hide IU’s Stunning Visuals

Queen of both talent and visuals.

Recently, an online community posted photos of singer IU’s past eyeliner makeup look and gained much attention from netizens. Longtime fans will know that IU, who debuted in 2008, used to rock the eyeliner trend of that time, which was thick downward winged eyeliner.

This specific look was supposed to give the effect of having big puppy dog eyes, and what’s crazy is that IU actually rocked this look! 

This specific style, which could easily become a bit too much, actually worked with IU so well that some fans needed time to adjust after she took on a more light makeup approach.

This could be seen as her signature look during her earlier days!


And honestly, even thick eyeliner, a rudolph headband and pigtails can’t hide her stunning visuals!

Netizens also agreed that there really isn’t anything that doesn’t suit IU!

  • “I can’t believe this was like ten years ago…seems like just yesterday.”
  • “I remember everyone doing this type of eyeliner back in the day.”
  • “It doesn’t matter what she does, she’s IU!”
  • “It almost seems like IU made this eyeliner look a trend!”
Source: theqoo