Every Single Nickname That Fans Call BTS Jungkook, And The Meaning Behind Them

He’s our sweet bunny, but why is he exactly is he called that?

1. Golden Maknae/Triple Threat

Jungkook is known for his amazing singing, dancing, and rapping which is why he is called “triple threat.” On the other hand, he is good at pretty much everything! He can draw, act, interact well with fans, is loved by his fellow members, has a sweet personality, and conquers all sports and games. Add to that the fact that he is the youngest member and you’ve got the “golden maknae.”


2. Bunny

This nickname was given to him because he looks like an adorable bunny when he smiles. This nickname is a fan favorite, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that he’s always wearing bunny ears during fan meets and sometimes concerts!


3. Jungkookie/Jeon Jungkookie

“Jungkookie” and “Jeon Jungkookie” are just cute ways to pronounce his names. His other members are the ones that call him this most often.


4. Kookie

While the members generally stick to calling him “Jungkookie,” fans like to call him “kookie.” Not only is a shortened form of his name, but it can also be a reference to his sweet personality.


5. JK

Nothing mysterious about this nickname! It’s just a shortened form of his name!


6. Nochu

This one doesn’t really have a specific meaning. It was given to him by Nate Walka from American Hustle Life. Jungkook once explained that Nate created a rap for him but when Jungkook rapped he said “nochu” and it stuck.


7. Justin Seagull/Jeon Seagull

Before BTS debuted, Jungkook’s original stage name was going to be “Seagull” and one of his favorite artists is Justin Bieber so when he was asked what his English name would be he said it would be “Justin Seagull.” On the other hand, “Jeon Seagull” is a nickname given by Korean fans and is a mashup of his name and his almost stage name.


8. Muscle Pig/Geun-yook-to-kki

It’s no secret that Jungkook has some major muscles, so when RM called him “muscle pig” the name just kind of stuck. “Geun-yook-to-kki” is just a different version of the nickname. It’s a Korean mashup of “muscle” and “bunny” so it essentially means “muscle bunny.”


9. Ironman

Jungkook really really likes Ironman, hence this nickname!


10. Jungshook

This nickname is all thanks to a certain look he gets. As fans have said, he really looks shook all the time. We just can’t help but wonder what he is thinking about!


11. Kkook-to-kki

This is a Korean given nickname and is just a mashup of his name and the word for bunny.


12. Jeon Cena

Jungkook has had a lot of success wrestling during ISAC so fans began to call him “Jeon Cena.” It’s essentially another version of the “muscle pig” nickname only this time it’s a mashup of his name and wrestler John Cena‘s name. Incidentally, John Cena has also come out as an ARMY, so it seems especially appropriate.


13. Jung-geun

This is nickname given to him by Korean fans. It’s his name plus “geun” from 근육 (geun-yook) which means “muscle.” It’s really no surprise that they would call him this!


14. Jeom Jungkook

When the group first debuted there was a typo in one of their tweets calling him “Jeom Jungkook.” The slightly humorous typo led to this nickname, although it doesn’t get used very often.


15. Jeon-ru-sal-i

Another nickname given to him by Korean fans. It’s a mix of his name and 하루살이 (ha-ru-sal-i) which means “short lived.” He got this nickname because he teases his hyungs all the time and fans began to think he had some kind of death wish!


16. Jungcook

This was a misspelling of his name by Charlie Puth. While it’s already pretty funny that Charlie called him this, Jungkook one said that he like the singer only is sounded like he called him “Charlie Puss” instead. And at one point it even turned into “Sharly Puss.” Luckily, there were no hard feelings on either end for the misspelling and mispronunciation and the two are known to be pretty good friends.


17. Fetus

This one doesn’t get used very often now, but when the group first debuted fans couldn’t help but notice how cute and tiny Jungkook was so they jokingly called him this.


18. Baby

Jungkook hates to be called oppa, so he came up with this alternative instead!


19. Living Meme

Jungkook is literally a living meme, whatever he does it gets turned into a meme. There are just so many pictures of him making strange faces or acting silly that people can’t help but call him a living meme!


20. Mr. Spreading Legs

This is a self-given nickname. One time J-Hope scolded him for having his legs spread apart and Jungkook joking called himself this. Although it doesn’t get used very often, the nickname just kind of stuck!


21. Mr. International Playboy

A self-proclaimed nickname that fans were happy to adopt. It also has a touch of humor since Jungkook is known to be a bit on the shy side around girls.


22. Shining Prince

At a press conference for BTS’s Love Yourself: Her EP, Jungkook made quite the entrance. He was so stunning that fans couldn’t help but compare him to a prince!