Every Time D.O. Was Caught On Camera Copying His Fellow EXO Members

He’s the unofficial copycat idol.

Fans of EXO‘s D.O. can rattle off a long list of reasons he is super adorable, from his laugh, to the way he eats, to his embarrassed faces, to his well-documented randomness! But netizens are noticing that on top of all those cute tendencies, D.O. loves copying his fellow members. He is often seen watching them as they do something he deems “cool” and then immediately trying to copy that exact thing! Fans are sharing proof that he is a copycat and adding it to the list of cute things about D.O.!


1. When D.O. copied Sehun’s “splash”

D.O. decided Sehun looked cool splashing water at EXO’s 2016 EXO‘luXion concert in Singapore… and tried his best at copying the movement.


2. When D.O. copied Chanyeol

While performing at the 2017 SM Concert, D.O. saw Chanyeol‘s shirt was half-tucked into his pants…

And decided he wanted his shirt like that, too.

He sneakily copied Chanyeol while his hyung was talking.


3. When D.O. wanted to see if he could follow Kai

He adorably copied Kai’s heel-clicking dance!


4. When he followed Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin

Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin were rehearsing for a subunit CBX performance, and D.O. decided he wanted to be part of it too!


5. When he copied Kai’s doll

During an interview, D.O. spotted Kai’s doll, and immediately copied its expression!


6. When he copied a triangle

During a radio interview, footage has D.O. pretending to be a triangle… for some reason.


7. When he couldn’t resist joining in his fellow members’s dance competition.

He had to copy Chanyeol and Jongdae‘s “shoot dance”.


8. When D.O. copied Lay

This clip of D.O. copying Lay‘s dance at a concert shows him poking fun at his friend.