15+ Images That Perfectly Explain Why EXO-Ls Call D.O. “Almokyung”

The king of being 4D!

EXO‘s D.O. has a lot of nicknames but there’s one nickname that Korean fans call him that seems to fit him particularly well. They call him “Almokyung” which comes from알다 모를 경수 (Alda Moleul Kyungsoo). Roughly translated this means “the more you know Kyungsoo, the less you know him!” Which, as it turns out, is 100% completely accurate and these are just a few of the reasons why!


1. The best way to advertise is to…keep people guessing!

Need to sell out all of your ice cream? We think D.O.’s words would do the trick!


And everybody knows the best way to boost sales on your pants is to get D.O. to say this!


Or, you know, get some really interesting words for your beauty brand.


And of course, the best words of all were saved for some lotion.


2. Because spoons are so last century…

D.O. couldn’t get his spoon into the container to enjoy his pudding so he tried a completely different method.


Yeah, we feel that way when we’re hungry too!


3. But then again, so are the long-winded acceptance speeches

We all know that acceptance speeches can be a little on the boring side but D.O. kept everyone on their toes with his speech at the Seoul Music Awards.


It’s even better with the sound on!


4. Then we have the way D.O. sings from the heart…err…flag

How do you get everyone to really notice you when you’re surrounded by a whole lot of other people? Maybe take a page from D.O. and place a flag over your face!


5. Of course, you can’t sing with a dry mouth

Chanyeol may have thought he pranked D.O. but he probably wasn’t expecting what was coming next!


And neither was Suho…


6. Or dance without a little inspiration

The amazing fly catching dance brought to you live by D.O.


And you totally can’t ignore an itchy nose even if you are mid-performance! Nobody will notice, we swear!


Then again, D.O. will always keep us guessing with his amazing personal moves!


Because he never does what you would expect him to do!


7. And his facial expressions never disappoint!

Normal, normal, normal. Suddenly changes expressions!


And whatever is going on here!


8. Then again he’s good at expressing himself with his body too

The MC was probably not expecting D.O. to do this when he asked the group to express their happiness with their bodies!


Um…then there’s this. We’re not really sure why he decided to do that either!


9. Of course, you can’t forget the way he melts hearts with his winks!

It’s a wink! Really!


And so is this!


10. Just when you think he’s out of control…

Why is he being so hyperactive?


11. He does something like this!

Are we sure that’s not a D.O. statue?


12. And then goes right back to doing things like this

And he’s back!


13. Of course, his members are probably used to the sudden changes…

Chanyeol seems to be completely unfazed by his actions.


14. Or not!

Former member Kris seemed mighty freaked out by the size of that balloon.


And then there was poor Sehun whose heart was stolen by D.O.


15. But this guessing game just makes us love him even more!