Here’s Everything You Need To Know About That “Sexy Christian Guy” From The Blockbuster K-Drama “Sweet Home”

Let’s start with his name: Kim Nam Hee.

Oh, IYKYK. Character Jung Jae Heon made the Netflix K-Drama Sweet Home even sweeter.

Actor Kim Nam Hee in “Sweet Home”. | Netflix

This character, so gentle and righteous — yet so riddled with a dark past of alcohol addiction, had us 200% hooked…

| Netflix

… especially with all the dramatic-AF scenes in the series. Let’s admit it, we all screamed in absolute misery when he went down. Did we not? How dare they kill off his character like that?!

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And so, to help us all from the gaping hole in our hearts that is PDD — or Post Drama Depression — here’s everything we know about “that sexy christian guy“, actor Kim Nam Hee.

1. His Details

Kim Nam Hee | Sports Khan

Kim Nam Hee, born 1986, is currently managed by the agency DAY Entertainment. He is 5 feet 8 inches tall. He got married in 2018 to his girlfriend of ten years whom he met during college. He graduated from Seokyeong University, with a degree from the Department of Theater and Film.

2. His Beginnings

Kim Nam Hee in 2014. | Naver

When he was in his third year of high school, Kim Nam Hee signed up to take acting classes at an academy located halfway between his house and his school. There, he found his passion to be on stage and in front of the camera. Until then, he did not particularly dream of becoming an actor though. He was like any other high school student, worried about his future and college applications.

3. His TV Debut

Kim Nam Hee debuted with a 2012 Korean movie Tribulation, though it did not perform too well. His actual rise to stardom would be with his TV debut in 2016 — in Guardian: The Lonely and Great God. He played the small but significant role of a doctor who dies of exhaustion and gets led to heaven by the Grim Reaper (Lee Dong Wook). This role is also what led him to be “discovered” by director Lee Eung Bok.

4. His Career

Some of Kim Nam Hee’s most remarkable roles include Mori Takashi, the Japanese villain in Mister Sunshine

… and Pyo Joon Soo, the clingy ex-boyfriend in Search: WWW.

He also appeared in quite a bit of commercials, including this super cute McDonald’s one!

5. His Philosophy

| DAY Entertainment

In a recent interview, Kim Nam Hee revealed that he doesn’t really pay attention to whether a character is good or evil when taking on roles. He said, “Every character has a reason for existing.” It must be this versatility that really attract K-Drama fans to Kim Nam Hee! Whatever his next role may be, viewers can count on him to make it another spotlight stealer — with his super-convincing acting skills!

There is no boundary between good and evil roles. Every character has a reason for existing. I don’t think about why when I act, I simply believe the character’s actions are natural choices based on their personalities. And I don’t think I’ll ever differentiate between good and evil roles. I don’t feel the need to prefer one over the other. I plan on taking on roles that seem intriguing to me.

— Kim Nam Hee

Source: NamuWiki and Newsen