Everything You Probably Didn’t Know Happened At Taeyang And Min Hyo Rin’s Wedding

1. Everyone got customized invitations with their names embroidered in them.

2. BIGBANG’s Daesung was the MC for the after party at Paradise City.

3. Taeyang and Cho Saeho had an epic dance battle during the after party.

4. CL showed up looking fabulous but made a cute entrance when she fell down while entering the venue for the wedding ceremony.

5. YG Entertainment released an official statement about the marriage, outlining various details about the ceremony and after party. It, however, did not mention that Yang Hyun Suk himself was going to make an appearance without his famous hat!

6. Seungri and CL sang congratulatory songs at the afterparty, and Seungri revealed CL rehearsing “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” on his Instagram story.

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7. 1TYM’s Baekkyoung and BLACKPINK snapped a photo together. 1TYM, YG’s first group, debuted in 1998 while BLACKPINK were all born between 1995 to 1997.

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8. Youngsong Martin, the designer of the wedding scene in Breaking Dawn Part 1 of the Twilight saga, designed the most gorgeous interior EVER for the after party.

9. The groom allegedly found a moment to check Instagram and like some posts, including one about his Dazed photoshoot with his new wife.

10. Ki Tae Young officiated the wedding ceremony as he attends the same church as the couple and is very close to them. His wife Eugene also attended, pictured here with her daughter’s favorite toy, Moi.

11. T.O.P was spotted at the wedding ceremony and wedding venue. One of BIGBANG’S managers, Taehee, actually smacked a camera out of someone’s hand after they refused to listen to his requests to stop filming T.O.P.

12. Yang Hyun Suk shared a personal message of congratulations on his Instagram, this time mentioning his missing cap.

“#Taeyang #FinallyMarriedToday #TheYoungbaeIMetat13_IsNow31 #MarryingTheFirstGirlYouEverDated_DreamLikeStory #OneDayoftheYearITakeOffMyHat #BeHappyYoungbae #Congratulaions_on_TAEYANGs_Marriage_Today #YG”

— Yang Hyun Suk’s personal message to Taeyang 

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13. All the BIGBANG moms took an adorable photo together, which Seungri happily shared on his Instagram story as well.

14. Zion.T sang the congratulatory song at the wedding ceremony, though there are no reports of which song he sang yet!

15. Min Hyorin’s wedding ceremony dress was made by famous design house Oscar de la Renta, but at some point in the night, the newlywed couple changed into more dressed-down outfits for the after party.

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