These 10 Pictures Show The Evolution Of TWICE’s Chaeyoung From Predebut To Now

Chaeyoung has grown so much!

It’s TWICE Chaeyoung‘s birthday, and ONCE couldn’t be more proud of the funny, kind, creative, smart, and talented woman she’s become!

TWICE’s Chaeyoung | @twicetagram/Instagram

Here are 10 pictures that show Chaeyoung’s evolution over the years in honor of her birthday!

1. Young icon in the making

Little Chaeyoung was so cute! Do you think she had any idea how much of a legend she would become back then?

2. She’s always been 100% idol material

Even during her predebut days, Chaeyoung was already an icon!

3. She showed the world what she was made of on SIXTEEN

Chaeyoung put on incredible performances every time she took the stage on SIXTEEN!

4. Her dreams came true with “Like Ooh-Aah”

Chaeyoung finally became an idol when TWICE debuted with “Like Ooh-Aah,” and she totally fit the song’s edgy concept!

5. She became an incredibly versatile performer

As TWICE’s main rapper, Chaeyoung has a more fierce image than some of the other members, but she aces cute concepts, too! She’s showed her versatility through many of TWICE’s releases like “TT,” “What Is Love?,” and “Yes or Yes.”

6. She solidified her legend status with “Fancy”

Chaeyoung was definitely in her element during the “Fancy” era! This mature yet cute concept fit her perfectly.

7. Always seeking out ways to be creative

Although Chaeyoung gets plenty of chances to be creative in the studio and on stage, she loves expressing herself in other ways, too. She’s not just an accomplished musician, she’s a great visual artist too!

8. She’s a true powerhouse

Chaeyoung is a true master of the stage! “Perfect World,” in particular, showed just how fierce of a performer she is.

9. Record-breaking global superstar

TWICE broke records with their III tour, and we’re so proud of Chaeyoung and the entire group!

10. Absolute legend

Chaeyoung has definitely earned her place in K-Pop history, and she did it while staying true to herself!