Tips From 4 Idols On How They Lost Weight

Get into shape with your favorite idols!

As summer is inching closer, for those that want to get into even better shape or shed a few pounds, K-pop diets can often become inspiration.

While we aren’t condoning heavy restriction or anything detrimental to one’s health, we’ve found the healthiest K-pop idol diet plans and exercise routines to help set you on path.

1. Seolhyun’s Diet Tips

Seolhyun catapulted to fame as her body became the object of envy for many, with her lean muscles and trim waistline.

The lovable star has since shared her diet and exercise secrets on air, claiming that while she does participate in restrictive diets during drama or CF filming periods, on the regular, she maintains her weight by exercising. She also shares that one cannot lie down after eating and should be more active.

She has also stated that she gains motivation by looking at past photos in which she looks good, and instead of restricting the types of food she eats, she prefers to eat what she likes, including fried food, but she is mindful not to overeat.



2. The Suzy Diet

Suzy has shared her diet a few years back after her weight loss was brought to attention. The diet consists of a sweet potato, chicken breast and a glass of low fat milk for breakfast, a salad bowl with brown rice for lunch, and two sweet potatoes for dinner. In terms of calories, the diet seems pretty filling. The meal plan may seem bland to most, but it is filled with good carbs and necessary protein.


3. Son Naeun’s Body Line Exercise

While Naeun of Apink is known to be naturally slim, she consistently works out in order to help build a more feminine body line, including her famed “leggings fit”. Naeun shares her exercise routine to help you build some muscles in your lower body.

4. Soyou’s Diet Tips

Soyou (previously from SISTAR) is known for her diet and exercise expertise. Due to this, she was invited as a guest for a talk hosted by “Get it Beauty”, a show that focuses on beauty tips in South Korea. During the talk, she shared realistic tips as to how she diets healthily. The first is, to not blindly follow what celebrities do. She continues that you should find the right diet for your body as everyone is different.

Soyou also encouraged viewers not to weigh themselves obsessively and use photos instead to track change. She also reminded viewers that when challenging diets, one should not put off dieting or exercise to the next day, as that becomes a habit. Rather, starting at your current meal would be best as it still has an effect on your body ultimately.

With that practical advice in mind, we hope to remind readers once again that these diets should only be taken as guidelines, should be done in moderation and adjusted according to one’s individual needs and body health.