10+ Times EXO Proved That They Are The Kings Of Harmony

EXO’s harmonies are transcendental.

EXO is famous for their outstanding performances, legendary songs, and incredible vocals. Every member of the group has a unique and beautiful voice, but when they come together in harmony, it’s like a chorus of angels has arrived on Earth. These twelve moments of their harmonies will immediately brighten your day and leave you lost in the music.

Here’s a tidbit of EXO harmonizing randomly, and while we can’t hear it, there’s no doubt it was perfect.

1. This Iconic Moment

Everyone knows of this incident, and we all have it on replay.


That’s the sound when you enter heaven 😮‍💨 #exo #exol #chanyeolexo #chanyeol #fypシ

♬ Originalton – jingmeijia

2. “Runaway”

Everything about this song brings EXO-Ls to tears, and though we don’t know why, we can’t help but listen to it on repeat.

3. EXO’s Vocals Are A Gift From Heaven

Even if they’re just singing casually, EXO still delivers with their harmonies.


you can hear the music, their talking voice, giggles but you can’t deny how good their live vocals underneath those things! Immaculate harmony✨ #exo 👑

♬ 첫 눈 The First Snow – EXO

4. “Forever”

The hidden harmonies in this song are jaw-dropping.

5. Impromptu Harmonization

All it takes is an exchange of looks for EXO to pull off a harmony flawlessly.


chanbeak harmony 😻💫 #exo#exol #chanye#baekhyun #chanbeak #fypシ #harmony #suho #kai #exploration #suit #singing #music #challange

♬ Yours (feat. LeeHi, CHANGMO) – Raiden & CHANYEOL

6. “Fall”

The harmonies in this song have us falling into a trance we never want to wake from.

7. Harmonizing With Raps

EXO frequently lay harmonies over the rap portions of their songs, creating a delightful contrast that EXO-Ls can’t get enough of.


Xiumin harmonization with the rappers 🔥 always the best! #exo #exol #elyxion #sweetlies

♬ Sweet Lies – EXO

8. “Open Arms”

Harmonies on point since their rookie days. And if you can find the live acapella version of this performance, it sounds just as ethereal.

9. Studio Harmony Compilation

It’s not an EXO song if there isn’t an incredible harmony (or insane high notes).


Watch ’til the end! EXO eats cds for breakfast, lunch and dinner; Compilation of exo’s vocal track #exo #kpop #vocals #xyzbca #fyp

♬ 나비소녀 Don’t Go – EXO

10. “Wait”

Every performance of “Wait” never fails to give listeners goosebumps.

11. “Tempo” Will Always Remain Superior

There’s no bigger flex than making an entire portion of your song acapella and then performing it live.


Tempo🤍 #exo #exol #weareoneexo @weareone.exo_official

♬ Tempo – EXO

12. “Call Me Baby”

This acoustic version of “Call Me Baby” is a must-watch, or at the very least, a must-listen.