EXO’s 9th Anniversary Goods’ Special Messages Fit Their Personalities Perfectly

It totally sounds like each of them.

SM Town and Store recently released a series of special goods to celebrate EXO‘s upcoming 9th anniversary. Not only have they released special holo-glass cups, but they have also dropped the cutest scented memory frames. The frames are made with scented wax tablets, complete with a slot for a card. The card can be taken out and kept separately as well. Each card contains a message from the individual EXO members.

The official SM Town and Store account on Instagram, @smtownandstore, held. live stream to show off the goods. Netizens and fans are claiming just how each message sounds especially like the given member. Read on to find out what each member wrote!

1. Lay

Lay teased fans about ageing, while also commenting on how old he’s gotten.

It’s been a long time… I’m 30 now, daebak… Everyone grew bigger too right? Let’s get bigger together.

— Lay

2. Sehun

Sehun kept is chic and simple, but also sweet in a tsundere way, just like himself.

What should we do on the 9th anniversary?

— Sehun

3. Kai

Netizens praised his sentimental and romantic nature.

Hello, it’s already going to be our debut anniversary again. Now, so many debut anniversaries have passed that I have to count on my hands before I can know which one it is. If more time passes, the time will come where we’ll get confused as to which anniversary it is, right? Until then, let’s be even happier.

— Kai

4. D.O.

D.O was the only one who wrote it in detached formal speech. Even Lay, Chanyeol and Xiumin only used regular formal speech!

I was so happy for a long time, thanks to you. Please take care of me in the future as well!

— D.O.

5. Baekhyun

The aegyo king brought out the big guns.

Back then and even now, it’s always been only you for me!

— Baekhyun

6. Xiumin

Xiumin was reserved but sweet.

The 9th Anniversary is made more perfect because we are together. Thank you!

— Xiumin

7. Chanyeol

Chanyeol made sure to express his gratitude.

Thank you for always loving me, and lets be together in the future too!

— Chanyeol

Currently, Chen and Suho‘s are unavailable. It is likely that the goods were planned before Chanyeol left for the military so he was able to participate, while Suho was already in the army. As many know, army men in South Korea are not allowed to actively participate in profitable activities or business.

Source: theqoo