Music Critic Kim Young Dae Picks His Top 10 Songs By EXO’s Baekhyun, And We Couldn’t Agree With His Choices More

What’s your favorite Baekhyun song?

Kim Young Dae, a music critic and committee member for the Korean Music Awards (which distributes awards based on the recommendations of a panel consisting of music critics, radio show producers, academics, and other professionals within the industry), went through his top 10 songs of EXO‘s Baekhyun, and he had nothing but praises to sing about the artist.

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This wasn’t the first time he’d given his thoughts on Baekhyun’s vocals; when he first listened to Baekhyun’s third mini-album, Bambi, he praised the idol for his incredible vocal techniques and for embracing the R&B genre. He even hopes to one day get to sit down in a formal interview with Baekhyun, so it’s clear how high his respect for the artist is.

Here are his top 10 picks and the reasons behind them, and we can’t agree with his choices more (to be fair, all of Baekhyun’s discography is amazing).

1. “Underwater”

“Underwater” is his #1 pick, thanks to the insane control and range of technique Baekhyun uses while still maintaining a dreamy tone. To Kim Young Dae, it’s the epitome of Baekhyun’s hard work and artistry.

2. “Love Again”

The tone of “Love Again” requires a soft and relaxed voice, but maintaining it requires strength and stamina. It’s hard to keep the balance, but Baekhyun does it easily, thanks to his natural talent and years of hard work.

3. “Candy”

“Candy” is Kim Young Dae’s favorite title track from Baekhyun because it’s simple yet full of charm, capturing the warm, soft, and romantic vibes that suit Baekhyun perfectly.


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♬ original sound – soonana – soonana

4. “Privacy”

This song screams boyfriend vibes, and along with the jazzy melody, Baekhyun’s voice dances across the notes.

5. “All I Got”

Does this even need an explanation for why it’s in anyone’s top 10? Baekhyun left everyone speechless with this song anyways.

6. “R U Ridin’?”


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♬ R U Ridin’? – BAEKHYUN

With an old-school feel and Baekhyun’s cool but warm vocals, “R U Ridin’?” is a song that gets you grooving along in seconds.

7. “Bungee”

While the style of “Bungee” is frequently seen on the R&B song charts, Baekhyun’s voice sets the song apart, taking it to another level only he can reach.

8. “Bambi”

A slow but hypnotizing song, this is the title track of the album Kim Young Dae is confident will go down in history.


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♬ Bambi – BAEKHYUN

9. “Diamond”

“Diamond” was a sound Baekhyun hadn’t tried before, and his flawless execution thoroughly impressed Kim Young Dae.

10. “UN Village”

Befitting of his debut, “UN Village” is a song that set everyone’s expectations high for what soloist Baekhyun would bring to the table, and he’s only gone above and beyond those expectations ever since.

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