Korean Netizens Have Been Looking Back At 9 Of EXO Baekhyun’s Most Unique And Impressive Styles

Netizens are revisiting some of his most unique looks:

EXO‘s Baekhyun has the ability to pull off any and every style and throughout the years, he’s tried plenty of unique and impressive styles that have left EXO-Ls feeling very attacked. Recently, Korean netizens over on web portal The Qoo have been looking back at some of Baekhyun’s most unique and iconic looks. From “Wolf” era jewels to his iconic “Ko Ko Bop” mullet, here are some of his most impressive looks as picked by Korean netizens.


1. Baekhyun’s heart-stopping red mullet from “Ko Ko Bop” era

Although mullets are often considered one of the hardest hairstyles to pull off, there’s absolutely no doubt that Baekhyun not only pulled it off, he did it so well that it’s become one of EXO-Ls favorite looks!


2. Baekhyun’s cute pigtails from EXO-CBX “Hey Mama”


3. His “cyborg” style from MAMA 2016

One of Baekhyun’s most unique and elaborate looks, his MAMA 2016 cyborg style came complete with intense eye makeup, two unique eye colors, and perhaps most astonishing, a an artificial cyborg heart!


4. His dazzling bejeweled neck look during “Wolf” era


5. And his many classic choker looks

Although this style hasn’t stuck to one particular era, no one is complaining because Baekhyun wearing a choker is absolutely amazing!


6. The “Monster” era piercings

There’s a reason why Baekhyun went viral when everyone first caught sight of his “Monster” era look and why fans keep coming back to it — it looks absolutely stunning! The piercings gave Baekhyun a fiercer visual that perfectly matched the edgy “Monster” concept perfectly.


Of course, Baekhyun has also worn some other amazing piercings over the years that have left fans feeling very attacked!


7. Baekhyun’s heart-stealing colored contacts

From brown to blue and everything in between, Baekhyun has tried out many different colored contacts and each one has looked absolutely flawless.


8. His impressive eye makeup styles

Baekhyun’s stylists have never been afraid of playing with his eye makeup and changing up his look and no matter how many interesting and unique things they try, Baekhyun pulls them off with ease!


9. And who could forget this classic look!

Although Baekhyun may have rocked some very unique looks over the years, EXO-Ls have noticed that when he’s not on stage, he tends to go for a neutral look or wear no makeup at all giving him a more playful look! But makeup or not, netizens and fans agree that Baekhyun can pull off any look and look absolutely stunning!

Source: The Qoo