9 Times EXO’s Baekhyun Matched His Outfit To His Hair For The Ultimate Aesthetic

There’s just something so satisfying seeing him match his hair and outfit:

EXO‘s Baekhyun has rocked every color from blue to red and from black to white. And on occasion, he’ll match his colorful locks to whatever he’s wearing. The results? Just plain satisfying!

1. Beautiful black

Baekhyun with black hair and an all-black outfit? It’s a killer combination and EXO-Ls have been the victims of this particular attack on plenty of occasions!

2. Red-hot red

Baekhyun has rocked red hair quite a few times over the years and each time he still steals our breath away! While he has been known to style himself with a few red accent pieces whenever he rocks red locks, Baekhyun went for an all-over fiery red look during an EXO-CBX performance in 2016.

3. Angelic white

When Baekhyun went all white at the airport, his ethereal charms even had non-fans falling for him hard! In fact, he soon went viral as the “white hair guy!”

4. Bravo for burgundy

As previously mentioned, Baekhyun has rocked red on a number of occasions but he hasn’t just tried out the bright shades. He charmed everyone with his burgundy locks too! This particular pairing of his burgundy hair, a turtle neck of the same color, and a brown jacket worn at the 2016 Melon Music Awards was a particularly hear-fluttering look!

5. Sandy blond sweetness

Sandy blond Baekhyun looked comfy and cozy in a similarly colored top and it was so bad for all our hearts!

6. Pure softness

Baekhyun looks super cozy and adorable wearing a light brown sweater totally working it as a brunet. Enough said! 🥰

7. Highlighted hero

EXO’s “Ko Ko Bop” era gave us proof that Baekhyun can rock every single style as he slayed the mullet look! Bonus, Baekhyun also went colorful red-and-black highlights too! And when his shirt in the MV just so happened to match his hair? Well, there was just something super aesthetic about it!

8. Opalescent heartthrob

Okay, okay. So this is technically Baekhyun’s white hair again but under the stage lights it takes on a certain opalescent hue and when paired with that holographic print on his shirt? Wow! Just wow!

9. Swoon-worthy blue

The blue flames and blue hair combo say it all — Baekhyun is hot, hot, hot!