EXO Baekhyun’s New White Hair Is So Brilliant Even Non-Fans Are Falling For Him

Everyone wanted to know who the “white hair guy” was:

EXO have been changing up their hair lately. First Chanyeol debuted a much shorter ‘do, then Sehun went back to black, and now Baekhyun has gone all white!


Baekhyun just debuted the brand new color and quickly had everyone falling in love with the look.


While it’s very easy to see why fans are absolutely loving the look, even non-fans were soon left breathless when they came across pictures of him!


In a strange series of events starting with fans talking about Baekhyun reading fan letters, white hair began trending and soon it shot up to no. 1. With white hair trending at no. 1, soon non-fans were clicking on the link, seeing how stunning Baekhyun looked and falling 100% in love with the look!


In fact, non-fans were absolutely blown away by Baekhyun, they wanted to know who exactly the “white hair guy” was!


But is it really any wonder?


His visuals were out in full force…


And Baekhyun was ready to steal everyone’s heart (which, of course, he did)!