10 Times EXO’s Baekhyun Trended For Unexpected Reasons

Everything he does goes viral.

1. When he wore this kitty headset

Baekhyun recently sent fans on a mad hunt for these adorable, pink headphones after he wore them during a gaming live.

According to fans, the headset began trending in Korea only ten minutes after Baekhyun put it on!

The headset is currently still in stock on the Razer website, but it may not be for long! EXO-Ls are famous for their purchasing power. They’ve caused EXO to sell out anything they’ve promoted, even cars.


2. When he wore glasses…any glasses

Fans just love it when Baekhyun wears accessories, especially unusual ones like these glasses.

EXO’s Baekhyun Wore Extremely Unusual Glasses And Fans Can’t Get Enough Of Them

EXO-L’s felt the glasses matched his visuals extremely well, and they loved how the frames were shaped like EXO’s logo.

This wasn’t the only time fans showed love for Baekhyun’s eyewear though. In 2016, a pair of his glasses ended up trending too!


3. When he teased about EXO’s album release date

Baekhyun’s fashion isn’t the only random reason why this star has trended on social media. Even his quotes have trended! Back in mid-July, Baekhyun teased fans by saying that EXO’s next album would be dropping “next next week”.

After he said this, “next next week” quickly began to trend in Korea.

The exact same thing happened when he said “that’s our concept”.


4. When his fans gave “Nutella” a whole new meaning

On July 13, 2015, EXO‘s fitness trainer Nae Jong Seok updated fans with this photo on his Instagram. It shows Xiumin and Chen standing to one side and Baekhyun on the other side.

EXO-L’s attention became focused on Baekhyun’s abs as he held his hand over his stomach. Soon after, “Nutella abs” (a play on “chocolate abs”) trended worldwide at #8 in Korea.


5. When his shoe made #horololo trend

During SMTOWN LIVE in Osaka, Baekhyun’s shoe flew off in the middle of “Horololo” because the choreography was just that intense!

Soon after, #horololo was trending, all thanks to Baekhyun’s wardrobe malfunction.


6. When he turned another year older

This year, Baekhyun’s birthday hashtag took over Twitter, Weibo, and other social media sites thanks to all the love EXO-L was showing him.

Next year, the same thing will likely happen again!


7. When he dropped this hint

In March, Baekhyun trended at #1 in Korea after he dropped the following handwritten hint: “If the shadow in the alley gets a little longer, I will be able to go and fetch you very soon”. At the time, fans suspected the hint had something to do with EXO’s long-awaited comeback.


8. When he dyed his hair

Whenever an idol dyes their hair it’s a big deal because it drastically changes their appearance and often indicates that new music is on the way.

Baekhyun’s fans loved his new black hair so much that they made it a top trending topic in Korea!


9. When he brought back this ’90s look

Speaking of hairstyles, “DiCaprio” trended on Korean social media in 2015 when Baekhyun performed with this one.

Fans couldn’t help noticing how similar Baekhyun’s hair looked to Leonardo DiCaprio‘s Titanic look!


10. When he did this “monkey greeting”

In 2015, Baekhyun went viral when did this monkey-style greeting. While the other members bowed properly, Baekhyun bent his knees and transformed into the cutest primate you ever did see!