EXO Chanyeol’s Bucket List After Returning From The Army Shows What He Truly Values In Life

Of course, EXO and EXO-Ls are at the top of the list.

EXO‘s Chanyeol celebrated his discharge from the military with EXO-Ls through a livestream on YouTube titled, Invitation From Chanyeol.

The live was full of Chanyeol’s cute and lovely charm, and fans couldn’t be more excited to welcome him back.

For one of the segments, Chanyeol created a bucket list of the five things he wanted to do now that he was back from the army. His list is proof of what he values most in his life, and it’s what makes EXO-Ls love him so much.

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1. A Birthday Party With EXO-Ls

Chanyeol’s love for EXO-Ls runs so deep he has EXO-Ls’ birthday date tattooed on his body. Like the sweet person he is, Chanyeol created a Certificate of Appreciation for EXO-Ls with a heartfelt message to fans.

Like how he’s always full of joy when it comes to celebrating EXO-Ls’ birthday, fans return his love tenfold, resulting in the happiest memories. With Chanyeol’s birthday coming up in November, it’s no surprise he’s looking forward to celebrating with EXO-Ls again in person.

2. To Reunite With All Of EXO On Stage

The only thing that rivals Chanyeol’s love for EXO-Ls is his love for EXO.

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Like everyone else, he hopes to perform on stage with all the members as soon as possible. And let’s never forget this heartwarming surprise VCR he put together for his members that caused everyone to cry.

3. Solo Album

With 7/9 of EXO having had their solo debuts, Chanyeol is getting ready for his own, and we’re more than ready to hear more of his beautiful voice and insane musical talent.

4. A Photoshoot With Zzar

Chanyeol has two dogs, Toben and Zzar, and while Toben and Chanyeol have the most chaotic relationship possible, Zzar is much more well-behaved, and Chanyeol loves her to pieces.

He’s already done a photo shoot with her once, and they both looked amazing, so it’s no surprise he wants to do it again.


5. To Be Happy

Chanyeol is often nicknamed a happy pill or a happy virus, and he really does bring joy into everyone’s lives.

Happiness means so much more than anything else in the world for Chanyeol, so his goal to continue being happy is befitting. May a smile always be on his face, just like how he always brings a smile to ours.


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