Just 31 Photos Of EXO Chanyeol And His Deep Dimple To Make Your Day 10,000% Better

Guaranteed to make your day better:

It doesn’t matter if he’s smiling or not, EXO Chanyeol‘s deep dimple has a tendency to make a surprise appearance whenever it wants and we’re definitely not complaining! His adorable dimple can instantly brighten the mood so whether you’re already having a pretty great day or need a bit of a pick-me-up, these 31 photos of Chanyeol flashing his irresistible dimple are sure to make your day 10,000% better!

1. Chanyeol soft hours are now open

2. But beware, his dimple can cause peak devastation

3. Chanyeol’s dimple is deeper than the ocean

4. We couldn’t forget this legendary Instagram photo!

5. His dimple has the ability to make us feel super soft…

6. And super attacked at the same time!

7. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how adorable he is?

8. Floofy hair + deep dimple = pure perfection

9. X-EXO’s Chanyeol has that sweet dimple too!

10. When he looks straight into the camera…oof!

11. Just Chanyeol out to steal everyone’s heart…

12. And totally succeeding!

13. Flashing his dimple like this should be illegal!

14. It’s so dangerous for our hearts!

15. That smile and dimple combo though 😍

16. He “Ko Ko Bop”ped his way into my heart (sorry, I couldn’t resist)

17. The king of duality

18. And the master of making us fall further in love with him

19. Charming…

20. Sweet…

21. And oh-so heart-fluttering!

22. Chanyeol already has my whole heart…

23. But every time I see his dimple I fall for him even harder!

24. His smile is brighter than the sun

25. And just as warm!

26. “She got me going crazy”? More like he’s got me going crazy! 🔥

27. How can he be so cute?

28. I think he knows it too!

29. I feel so attacked right now…

30. But it’s okay!

31. Because seeing Chanyeol and his dimple makes me 🥰