Just 25 Pictures Of EXO’s Chanyeol Looking Suave In A Suit To Brighten Your Day

Chanyeol rocks everything he wears, but Chanyeol in a suit is beyond heart-fluttering!

We’re pretty sure that EXO‘s Chanyeol would look good in anything, but when Chanyeol appeared at this year’s Gayo Daechukje in a number of dapper suits he had everyone’s heart fluttering. While there are plenty of other fantastic outfits Chanyeol has rocked over the years (like every single one), there’s just something about Chanyeol looking suave in a suit! So here are just a few photos of Chanyeol looking beyond handsome in suits from Gayo Daechukje and many more shows to set your heart ablaze!

1. Charming Chanyeol in blue at 2018 Gayo Daechukje

yeol 1

He’s melting all our hearts with that smile!


2. Looking fine AF in all black

yeol 18

3. Chanyeol is dazzling all in white

Image result for chanyeol wearing white


4. And red pinstripes? Yes, please!

yeol 13

5. That suit coat looks like it was made for Chanyeol!

yeol 15


6. And just look at his confidence

yeol 16


7. But we can’t blame him…

yeol 12

8. He just looks so good in a suit!

yeol 11


9. My heart won’t stop fluttering

10. I’m feeling a little breathless

yeol 7


11. Never mind, really breathless!

yeol 6

12. Does he know what he does to everyone’s heart?

yeol 5


13. Seriously, he looks so good!

yeol 4


14. We’re sure even a potato sack would look stylish as ever on Chanyeol…

yeol 3

15. But him in a suit is a whole nother level!

yeol 2


16. Whether it’s a more classic styling…

yeol 19

17. Or something a little more dramatic…

yeol 24


18. There’s no denying that Chanyeol looks beyond fabulous

yeol 23

19. Add in his adorable and heart-melting smile…

yeol 22


20. Or his dangerously sexy dance moves…

Related image


21. Combined with his outstanding rapping and singing abilities…

yeol 20

22. It’s no wonder he’s stolen our hearts from the very beginning

yeol 21


23. And continues to steal them to this day!

yeol 25

24. Our hearts can’t take much more!

Image result for chanyeol suit


25. *Sigh* 25 pictures really just don’t seem like enough to showcase his handsomeness!

Image result for singing

. . .