EXO’s Chen Is Returning With A New Single “Hello” — Here Are 15 Of The Most Relatable Reactions To The News

The king is coming back 👑

On October 9 KST, EXO dropped some amazing news on fans — Chen would be making a solo comeback with a brand new digital single called Hello!

Releasing the dreamy watercolor album cover art, the news immediately had the whole world going wild as the keywords “Chen” and Chen’s real name “Jongdae” took over the trends worldwide.

With the new single set to be released on October 15, fans everywhere are celebrating the amazing news and here are 15 of the most relatable reactions!

1. Antis should be quaking

There’s no escaping the word hello. Take that antis!

2. It’s a win

THE Chen is coming? Yeah, that’s a major win for us all!

3. The aesthetics are real

From April, and a Flower to Dear my dear and now Hello, Chen has been blessing us all with the most gorgeous album artwork which matches the beautiful songs inside!

4. S.O.S

Chen’s got us all way too excited for this release!

5. Don’t touch me, I’m soft

If this is a dream, don’t wake me up!

6. Art is art

As Chen himself is art personified, it makes sense that everything he touches is art too!

7. Seriously, this

Need we say more?

8. Are we proud?

There’s really only one answer!

9. This time next week

One week from now you’ll find me streaming “Hello”!

10. Psst…Chen, you dropped something

King 👑

11. This is NOT a drill!

We repeat… This is NOT a drill!

12. Who needs coffee when there’s a whole Chen?

Chen single-handedly giving us all the energy we need.

13. Where’s the lie though?

Chen is:

14. Before vs. After

The most accurate before and after picture ever!

15. Coming to save 2020

Chen’s about to fix this year with his heavenly voice.

Chen’s most recent solo comeback was in October 2019 with the mini-album Dear my dear but more recently, he lent his angelic voice to the OST for the drama Do You Like Brahms? His new digital single Hello, meanwhile, will be released on October 15 at 6 PM KST!