Oh Nothing… Just Definitive Proof That Everyone Loves EXO’s D.O.

Get in line.

While EXO‘s D.O. has yet to be discharged from the army, it seems that fans miss him more than ever. But EXO-Ls aren’t the only one! Here’s tons of definitive proof that fans and netizens alike absolutely adores the main vocalist!

1. When even Chanyeol’s mother picks him

| theqoo

A passerby snapped the picture when they happened upon Chanyeol, his mom, and D.O. walking the streets after eating together. Instead of walking with her own son, Chanyeol’s mom had her hand around D.O.’s waist like the cutest mother-son duo!

| theqoo

2. When his hyungs sat through a premiere for him

What makes it even more hilarious was that they all looked so incredibly bored. All of the actors in the row are known to be really close as a part of D.O.’s “hyung group”, but they looked like they were forced to be there by D.O.!

| theqoo

3. Famous actors just adore him

D.O.’s been in quite a few notable works himself, where he got closer to the other cast. It seems that all the cast he meets ends up falling for him! Look at how adoring Jo Jung Suk looks while patting D.O. on the head.

No one can escape the charms of D.O.!

He’s even got Jo In Sung waving a banner that says “Kyungsoo-yah!!! Do Kyungsoo!!!

Lee Kwang Soo is no exception.

The three even had a little celebratory party!

This group often gathers together, and we spot many famous faces in there, including actors Lim Ju Hwan and Kim Woo Bin.

Can we sign up to be a part of this friend group?

4. Everyone loves his hit song, “It’s Okay”

From IU who recommended it as a song to listen to when you get off work…

To IZ*ONE‘s Hyewon that wants to recommend it to fans.

Even MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon can’t get enough of it.

ZE:A‘s Kim Dongjun also once recommended it to his listeners on radio.

ASTRO featured it in the playlist for fans as well.

Of course, NCT‘s Mark apparently listens to it like 60 times a day. Same, sis.

With everyone falling into the charms of D.O., how can you not? In other news, D.O. is estimated to be discharged from the army in early 2021 and is already slated for the movie Along With The Gods 3.

Source: theqoo