These Are The Full Line Distributions For 8 Of EXO’s Albums, And How (Un)Even They Are

They’ve had a ton of member changes over time, so their lines are bound to be all over the place.

We’ve taken a look before at past and present EXO members’ line distributions over their main singles, and how uneven the lines are, which is understandable due to how much their member line-up has changed over the years. This list goes into further depth with EXO’s discography, looking at the line distributions of 8 of their albums and thus covering many more of their songs. While you’re looking at the graphs, especially the final graph, keep in mind that some members have less lines due to hiatuses or other breaks, but you can still determine for yourself whether or not you think they’re fair!

1. Mama

2. Overdose


4. The War

5. Universe

6. Don’t Mess Up My Tempo

7. Love Shot

8. Obsession


Most lines: Chen (19.2%)

2nd: Baekhyun (17.9%)

3rd: D.O. (15.1%)

4th: Suho (11.3%)

5th: Chanyeol (9.7%)

6th: Kai (8%)

7th: Xiumin (5.9%)

8th: Sehun (5%)

9th: Luhan (3.7%)

10th: Lay (1.8%)

11th: Kris (1.4%)

12th: Tao (1%)


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