EXO’s Kai Debuted A Brand New Pink Hair Color And It’s So Bad For Our Hearts

So bad and yet so, so good!

EXO‘s Kai was recently spotted sporting a brand new hair color and we’ve all quickly fallen in love! On June 20, Kai and Suho attended the Netflix red carpet event and spent some time with Stranger Things stars, Caleb McLaughlin and Gaten Matarazzo. While everyone shone brightly, when our eyes fell on Kai’s locks, it was just too much for our hearts! And these pictures definitely prove that this new pink look is so bad for our hearts, yet so good!


1. Kai, Suho, Caleb, and Gaten had everyone’s heart melting


2. But Kai’s new rose gold locks proved to be devastating for everyone!


3. The peachy tones immediately caught attention…


4. And fans were soon falling head over heels for the new look!


5. Although Kai has rocked pink hues in the past…


6. This particular shade is a new addition…


7. And everyone is falling in love!


8. The color complements Kai’s sweet smile


9. And shows of his princely air to perfection


10. The shade is subtle…


11. But when the light hits, it gives Kai an even rosier glow!


12. Although, who are we kidding, Kai always has an amazing glow!


13. But there’s just something about these pink locks


14. The look is pure heaven


15. Seriously, how can he always look so good?


16. And how is he so adorable too?


17. Kai is so bad for our hearts and yet so, so good