Here 10+ Gorgeous Looks That Prove EXO’s Kai Is The King Of Crop Tops

These crop top outfits are a blessing!

EXO‘s Kai has blessed us with several crop top looks— and we’re not mad about it! While many male idols have taken on the crop top look, Kai seems to rock them like no other!

Here are 10+ gorgeous looks that prove Kai is the king of crop tops:

1. His hair is blue but it’s his outfit that catches our eyes!

While one would think bright blue hair is the first thing your eyes would look at, it’s hard not to notice Kai looking absolutely gorgeous in this crop top.

2. Kai’s crop top casual look

Though it may not be as bold as his other crop top looks, this moment was definitely iconic.

3. Cropped jacket and shirt?!

Love Kai pairing a nice cropped denim jacket with this striped crop top!

4. “Tempo” was his biggest crop top era!

kai has always worn crop tops, however, “Tempo” was definitely an era full of Kai in amazing crop tops.

5. A romantic look

Kai posing is the king of Gucci and the king of crop tops!

| Esquire Korea

6. “Mmmh”

There are a lot of great fashion moves going on with this “Mmmh” stage outfit. Loving the painted nails as well!

7. Simple yet stunning

It doesn’t even need to be a fancy crop top or be dressed up with severe accessories. No matter what kind of crop top or how he wears it, Kai always will look gorgeous.

8. His Physique is incredible!

Yes, Kai looks great in everything and while we love him very much, there is one big reason why we love Kai in crop tops.

9. Like I said, “Tempo” was full of Kai in crop tops!

We will never get old of Kai in crop tops!

10. It looks so good when he dances!

Kai dancing in crop tops is seriously beautiful! Of course, Kai’s dancing is insanely beautiful as well!

11. An all-black look

Everyone looks good in all black and on top of that, Kai is wearing a black crop top. This look is classy and sultry at the same time.

12. Does Kai have an “Obsession” with crop tops?

If Kai did have an obsession with crop tops, I’m sure we’d all be okay with that!


13. It looks good in red too!

Yes, Kai’s “Obsession” crop top looks good in every color just like Kai looks great in every crop top.

14. I’m pretty sure Kai is the king of crop tops

Not everyone can pull off these bold and unique crop tops like does.

15. Kai’s duality

This might be confusing as Kai’s face is absolutely adorable yet his outfit is super edgy!

16. An intense look for an intense performance!

An amazing performer deserves an amazing outfit and this crop top looks great on Kai.